Lou gave us unprecedented service and kept us focused and directed at a time when we were experiencing excitement, and anxiety, in a Toronto market moving at the speed of sound. He was insightful and humorous, and really paid attention to our needs and wants. We made the right choice and continue to refer whoever we can to deal with Lou.” Pam

You assisted us in selling our home when we were in trouble and now when we were able to buy back into the market your sensitivity, integrity and your negotiation skills have made us sing your praises again. Thank You Lou.” Steve and Fran.

Until we met you our thoughts of Real Estate Agents was anything but stellar. You were personable, hard working and honest with your time and dedication and we will be sure to continue to pass your name to our colleagues and Friends.” A. and F.

I have great expectations for those that work for me and where you were concerned I was very surprised at your level of professionalism and courtesy. Their was minimal disruption to our lives and my children enjoyed your playfulness and your ability to include them in the Sale and purchase of our new home. Cheers to you and your team.” Phil

When we were moving to Toronto from out of country we had no idea what to expect. You were very helpful in all aspects of our move and did not add but lessened the already heightened level of pressure we were experiencing and your prep work allowed us to move at the speed that most beneficial to us. Thanks to you and your team we have settled quite nicely here and we look forward to you assisting our many friends and colleagues to do the same.” Nadia